Solutions for enterprise resource planning systems

Our new generation add-ons, the smartphone-server and email-agent have been standardised, thus additionally support further erp-systems.

»We currently see our focus in the integration of ERP-applications into smartphones. In doing so, we specifically pay heed to security and user friendliness.«

Klaus Baumgart, CEO

In only four steps, you will reach your individual business applications

To build a recruitment specification
To design a prototype
To frame prototype/interface
Programming and optimizing

Email-Agent under Smartphone-Server

The email-Agent functions as allrounder for communication, because to every email, the sender’s address will be scanned in Semiramis for classification and further processing. The email-Agent saves all data, including attachments, in the kstore using a newly developed folder. In the document management occurs an automatic shortcut between new documents and the business objects. In doing so, a connection to the partner is established, additionally per configuration as well for selected business processes. As example, the order number can be read out of the subject heading for additional connections. Attached XML- data will imported by business integration services into Semiramis. Typical fields of application are purchasing and production.


A smartphone is a mobile phone with a high-performance processor, which expands a mobile phone’s functional range to that of a personal digital assistant (PDA). Advanced smartphones can be individually upgraded with new functions by installing additional programs (so-called apps). Smartphones increasingly develop towards a handy business-organizer. Successfull Smartphone-applications’ progresses and imlpementations build upon our previous internet-based services. Leave the planning, conception and adjustments of your smartphone apps to our expert knowledge and we gladly accompany and support you during your entrance in the mobile smartphone market. Following operating systems support the smartphone-server of the DV-Beratung.


The Iphone was developed by apple and functions as first smartphone that possesses a media player and is extensively navigated by screen. The screen’s multi-touch-functionality enables the appliance with many fingers simultaneously. Furthermore, the Iphone is operated with four buttons and one slide switch.

Windows mobile

Windows phone and phone classic is a compact operating system combined by a compilation of applications for mobile devices, based on microsoft Win32API. Devices that use windows mobile are for example pocket computers, smartphones, as well as portable media-center. The windows phone is designed alike the windows dekstop versions.


Android is both an operating system and a software platform for mobile devices like smartphones, mobile phones and netbooks that have been developed by open handset alliance. It is built upon the foundation of Linux-Kernel 2.6.. Android is a free software and open-source.
The android SDK’s beta version includes all necesary applications (APIs) to be able to develop for android with the help of Java applications.

User examples

Positive statements about the application of our products are always welcome, because they confirm our promises.

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Further products

Here you can find further products of the DV Beratung

BIS-Graphic control station

Standards guarantee independency. The BIS-graphic control station is available via JAVA, is based on a standardised internet technology, and functions as a modern software-architecture example.

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The DV-Beratung Baumgart & Partner has developed the BIS-mobile data acquisition especially for the middle-class.

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The DV-Beratung’s production data acquisition (PDA) client is completely independent from the software logistic and exclusively uses the Business Integration Service (BIS)-interface provided by Semiramis.

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The DV-Beratung’s Email-Agent enables an expansion of the enterprise resource planning-System by adding a communication module using the internet-technology.

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