Add-ons for Semiramis
Comarch AG

The DV-Beratung Baumgart & Partner specialized on add-ons for the enterprise-software Semiramis. Semiramis is a Java programmed, internet based ERP-Software from the Comarch AG and has been developed especially for the requirements of middle-class organizations. For this management software solution, the DV-Beratung has programmed (production near) add-ons that will be applied as integrative components in the logistical master plan for planning and controlling.

»Semiramis convinces with its “look and feel”, as well as a quick period of vocational adjustment. An efficient ERP-organization software for middle-class organizations.«

Klaus Baumgart, CEO

BIS-Graphic control station

Processcontrolling by graphic control station

The BIS-graphic control station communicates with Semiramis only using the BIS-interface. This eliminates the need for a complex adaptable programming without sacrificing the adaptability of the BIS-graphic control station. The graphic control station exports semiramis data converts these by using XSLT-processes and visualizes results in form of Gantt-charts. Conversely, all actions and events in the gantt-chart will be intercepted, as well converted in XML-structures and finally imported into semiramis. The imported data modify the data for the ABS-planning process, which again creates new results to export.

User examples

Positive statements about the application of our products are always welcome, because they confirm our promises.

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Further products

Here you can find more products of the DV Beratung:


The email-Agent functions as allrounder for communication, because to every email, the sender’s address will be scanned in Semiramis for classification and further processing.

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The DV-Beratung Baumgart & Partner has developed the BIS-mobile data acquisition especially for the middle-class.

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The DV-Beratung’s production data acquisition (PDA) client is completely independent from the software logistic and exclusively uses the Business Integration Service (BIS)-interface provided by Semiramis.

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The DV-Beratung’s Email-Agent enables an expansion of the enterprise resource planning-System by adding a communication module using the internet-technology.

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