DV-BERATUNG Baumgart & Partner mbH
IT-service provider from Cologne

Professional, cooperative and personal, the philosophy we like to deliver to our customers. We only provide service in specific segments where we can ensure a professionally measured support in developing solutions for the information- and communication management. Instead of addressing the mass market, we count on our specialists’s expertise concentrating on a complex corporate IT area.

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BIS-Graphic control station

Standards guarantee independency. The BIS-graphic control station is available via JAVA, is based on a standardised internet technology, and functions as a modern software-architecture example.

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The DV-Beratung Baumgart & Partner has developed the BIS-mobile data acquisition (MDA) especially for the middle-class..

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»This expertise and our intensive and dedicated support are highly appreciatd by our customers.«

Klaus Baumgart, CEO


The DV-Beratung’s production data acquisition (PDA) client is completely independent from the software logistic and exclusively uses the Business Integration Service (BIS)-interface provided by Semiramis.

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The DV-Beratung’s Email-Agent enables an expansion of the enterprise resource planning-System by adding a communication module using the internet-technology.

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Solutions for enterprise resource planning systems

EMail Agent under Smartphone-Server

The Email-Agent can be defined as allrounder for the communication. To each email, the sender’s email address will be scanned for classification and further processing in the enterprise resource planning (ERP)-system.

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A smartphone can be defined as a mobile phone with a high-performance processor. It expands a mobile phone’s functional range to that of a personal digital assistant (PDA).

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KISS: Simulationeditor and SimTest

Creating dialogue templates yourself

Blog News

(Deutsch) Die Allit AG Kunststofftechnik setzt auf eine effiziente Kommunikation durch den Smartphone-Server

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(Deutsch) DV-Beratung im PartnerConnect-Programm der Zebra Technologies Corp.

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Web-Portal für den Smartphone-Server

Im Rahmen der Digitalisierung stellen sich Unternehmen dem Problem der effizienten Prozess-Planung und bauen vermehrt auf IT-Lösungen, die einen kollaborativen Ansatz unterstützen. Dieser beabsichtigt die interne, sowie externe Integration in Geschäftsprozesse. Mit der Entwicklung des Smartphone-Servers (SPS) ist der DV-Beratung eine erfolgreiche Innovation gelungen. Zukunftsorientierte Unternehmen, die nach digitaler Prozess-Unterstützung mithilfe von Smartphones und Tablets… […]